Sunday, June 14, 2009


Sometimes I find it truly amazing the way God speaks to me through the simple and seemingly mundane things. I washed my car today. Exciting stuff, I know, but on my way home my windshield was so clean it was like it wasn't there. All of the bugs were gone for the 12 miles home, and it was like I was finally seeing the things that I was really supposed to be seeing.

I know it's kinda weird, but on my way home I was wondering why I didn't clean my windshield more often. It's like when there are so many dead bugs and just dirt on it, you have to look through all of the gunk on there and then you still just get a distorted view of what you're really supposed to be looking at.

Most of the time I find myself focusing on what I don't have. I try and look through other peoples' lives or how someone says I should be living my life and through that I tend to focus on what I don't have and everything I'm not and everything that I've never achieved. You know how sometimes the sun can catch just wrong on a spot on your window and all of the sudden it's right in your eyes, and you really can't see through it? That's how I've felt recently.

My little brother got married last weekend. It was a beautiful ceremony. I love my little brother and my new sister-in-law, but it's on those days that my being alone hurts.

I'm showing a ton of houses, but I haven't been able to get an agreed-upon price to even have a sale pending. It will get there, I know, but it just seems like it's taking forever.

Quite a few of my friends were gone this weekend or had other plans, and I had nowhere to go. Sure, I needed to be home and relax, but it's nice to have an option sometimes.

I've been housesitting quite a bit lately. It's some much-needed extra cash, and it gets me out of my parents' house for a few days, but the problem with that is it makes me wish I could go back to my own place rather than being grateful that I have a place to go.

Little spots on my windshield that distort my vision and make me have to squint and turn my head just to try to get a good look where I'm going and see what I'm really supposed to be seeing.

But as I was driving home tonight it hit me. I need to keep on top of keeping my "windshield" clean...literally and figuratively. Literally, it just makes it so much nicer to drive and just be able to see where I'm going! Figuratively, I need to keep my mind and heart clean from what this world is telling me and what I know to be the Truth. And it just can't be every now and then. I've got to dig in and think on what is true and pure and lovely, the things that God has for me...not that things that I don't have. Probably most of the things that I was talking about up above could possibly make me completely miserable.

Anyway, that's about it. I just had these thoughts as I was driving home tonight and thought I would share!

Father, help me to focus on what is true and good and not what makes me feel lacking. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Awesome insight....I love to read your blog...Keep the windshield clean and all these other things will be added to you....You are a great person!

Amy said...

This is really good! I haven't looked at Blogger in almost a year! Love ya Jules. =)

Jules said...

Thanks, Ame! Love you, too!