Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am invincible...as long as I'm alive

Or so the song by John Mayer goes.

Wow. It's tax season. I'm working from 8-4 at the title company, and then 4-7 at the tax office. My days are long and exhausting, but at the end of tax season, I'll have my 2007 taxes paid off and have that debt long behind me. I'm pretty excited about that. I've also got a gentleman that told me he'd buy my car as soon as he gets his tax refund. I'm pretty excited about that! If everything works out, that means that within the course of the next month or so, I'll have my car paid off, my taxes paid off, and a couple of other little bills that are just annoying me paid off and will be able to make some serious progress with the rest of my bills. I've calculated that if everything goes according to plan, I'll have nothing but a note at the bank and my student loan within a period of five or six months...and this is very exciting. I've also got two offers to house-sit. I was supposed to do it this coming week, but I think plans have changed, but I couldn't think of a better opportunity...go to work and get paid from 8-4 and the from 4-7 and then go to the home and get paid to sleep! These are the kind of jobs I love! I also have another person wanting me to house-sit for them for three weeks in the summer. Again, I'm pretty excited about that.

There are some other changes going on in my life. I'm not really up for blogging about them right now. They're positive changes. I still haven't lost any weight since Christmas, and have actually gained 3 pounds, but I'm stepping it up this week. My goal is to post a couple pictures up here within the next month to let you see my progress. I'm pretty excited and very happy with my life at this time, however, I'm not content. Does that make any sense? I keep moving forward, which as believers, I think is our job, to keep moving forward and onward towards the goal ahead of an eternal life in Heaven. Unfortunately, sometimes I get so busy with life down here, that I forget that the Kingdom of Heaven is all around me and there's work to be done here.

I wonder if any of this is making sense or am I just rambling? I'm kinda tired :-D

Hey, please pray for my friends Brian and Tina. They're going through a really tough time right now and could use any and all prayers! Love you all!

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